Phones GMaps is pushing me towards iOS.


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Feb 23, 2016
Unless someone knows of a fix I am really considering iOS, which would be a first for me when owning a phone. Here's the deal with GMaps, both of my Android phones now zoom into to Street Level whenever I find an address. I have a mobile auto repair business so I use GMaps to find an address. So I have to zoom out each time the screen loads. If I minimize the App or go to the Home Screen, once I recall GMaps I'm back to Street Level. So while driving in traffic I have to pinch to zoom so I can zoom out and find myself via GPS and the Target on the Map. This is beyond annoying. I even uninstalled the updates and it made NO difference with Google Maps app.

The other annoying thing lately about GMaps is now a 1/4 of the page is taken up at the bottom with the picture of the persons house and Hot Button keys below for Directions etc.

Does anyone have a solution for my GMaps issues? I could not find an answer in GMaps settings or checking online.


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May 13, 2014
You probably need to check your settings in the GMaps app to see if something is checked for you to default to street view. Your issue is the first of i ever heard it defaulting to street view level during navigation.
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