Go forth and multiply thy contacts! :D

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    Mar 12, 2014
    I come here, hat in the hand and with a contrite spirit. First of all, I was born with a flat retina and therefore have bad iSight. iSighed. Apple was NOT first with Retina. especially the flat version! :D. I say this because I have searched the forom bit did not find a similar post. There has to be one but I just did not find it.

    My 21 contacts happily synced via USB between MBP with ML and iPhone5 with 7.1

    I woke up this morning with a sync hiccup on my Mac but that was resolved by putting the cable into the other USB port. However, when I wanted to talk to my son on FaceTime this afternoon, I found that I now had well over fifty contacts. Or almost twenty triplets!

    I checked all possible settings yet the population explosion goes unexplained. Any suggestions?

    PS: if mankind muliplies this fast in real life, we'd have 21 billion humanoids in an instant and we'd need a few more hospitable planets. NASA would be overwhelmed! :)
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    You have a Mac and iPhone using iCloud. Your Mac is saving to your hard drive and using iCloud. You have to tell you iPhone which to use. Basically turn off the sync to your computer. 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer - open iTunes in the Menu for iPhone either select Backup to iCloud or Computer. I would choose to backup to iCloud. Also make sure this option is on your computer and on your Mac.

    2. On your Phone go to Settings - iCloud - select the apps that you want to sync.

    3. On your Mac open Sys. Pref - iCloud - select the apps you want backed to the cloud.
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    It sounds like you're truly enjoying your iPhone.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
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    Mar 12, 2014
    That, dear friend, was done before and it worked fine. It was also reversed and replaced with local iTunes sync afte OP and many others enjoyed iCloud corruption/inconsistencies over the past weekend.

    The cure was to sync via Google and deleting triplicates online. I will not easily use iCloud again. Ironically, Apple was bought to prevent us from using Google. Such is life. :)


    It is a free roller coaster ride, I can even ride it without further injuring my damaged spinal cord. If it is exciting you are after, give bungi jumping and white water rafting a wide berth. Apple provides it in the comfort of my own home and at no extra cost. What a bargain! :D


    PS: iCloud requires internet connectivity, obviously same as Google. While even moderators disagree with me privately, even yesterday I was cut off from 3G for close on 3 hours while travelling in and around the poshest neighbourhoods in Africa's most developed city. Service providers' coverage maps show full saturation but, in practice, we have severe signal starvation. I so wish my pro-iCloud critics will cross the Atlantic and come experience it first-hand.

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