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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by IamOctavius, Oct 8, 2011.

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    Ok heres the deal. I really need help with this. I have multiple music files on multiple computers and multiple external hard drives. I have bought a gigantic external that should hold all of it and cant figure out how to get all the files (some being duplicates, and some being corrupt halting the transfer processes as i would usually do it) on to that one large external. After i complete that (god willing) how do i erase the itunes library (i use it with serato, as i just seem to be able to know where the files i want are easier, sort of like organized chaos) and reset it to that external hard drive? Then after that how do i get serato to recognize the changes? Also to make things possibly easier, is there a program that can find all the corrupt files? Ie. I plug in external one and before i transfer it to the big external, use the program to find the corrupt files so i can erase them to prevent the transfer from halting. That always seems to prevent full transfers. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Fierst step plug in the external drive and create a new empty iTunes library on it. While inside iTubes go to preferences->Advanced and there is a place to specify the library location.

    Next under "file" you import to the new library anything you want. If you have a lot of songs this might take a while.

    At some point make sure Time Machine is running and is backing up the new external disk and you old libraries

    After everything is imported then you can delete the old stuff.

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