Going abroad and need help/advice on Skype for Iphone

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by treehorn, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Leaving for France in a few days and realizing that Skype might be a good thing to take along on my Iphone (and even Ipad) as ATT will charge me $.99 per minute, whereas it seems that Skype will be about $.02-.03 a minute. Since my hotel has WIFI, it seems like that Skype would be the best bet for making calls back home and to make dinner reservations, confirmations, etc. from the room at a fraction of the cost.

    Being a total novice and finding the website not to have the answers I require...I'm hoping I'll have better luck here :)

    1) When I make a call in a WIFI area and connected to WIFI, how do you make sure that you are using WIFI and not 3G? Not finding any setting for "use WIFI only" and want to make sure that it won't default to 3G, which would be counter productive (as I'd be charged twice)

    2) What, from experience, is the best bet, Skype Credit-wise, to get? Get a monthly unlimited or is $10.00 more than adequate (I'll be gone for two weeks and won't be using it that much - maybe a few calls home and a couple calls a day to stores in Paris)

    Any tips, suggestions gratefully appreciated!

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    The first point: The iPhone will try to use wifi, then 3g then edge in that order. If you have the wifi connected icon on your screen then your call will be on wifi.

    You will have to do the math on the costing bit.

    About skype; It's fine for making calls but do remember that it will drop a call if you get an incomming message or phone call. Also the app needs to be running to receive a call..ok if you are expecting one, but there is no 'push' to let you know of an incomming skype call. Even if you launch the app, when the phone goes to sleep it will drop it after a short while. Just fyi.

    I use it myself (only skype to skype free calls) and the quality is very good, but the dropped calls when you or the other party gets an sms can be a pain.

    ps I'm not 100% sure, but putting the iPhone in airplane mode, then turning ON the wifi will, I think, prevent 3g connection. Anyone confirm this ?

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