Going back to iPhone (5) from S3... anyone else?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Dreamer2go, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Jun 23, 2007
    I want to be honest, I really like the Galaxy S3 as a phone... as for the iPhone 5, there were just wayyy too many leaks that happened to be accurate before the time of announcement.

    After watching the Apple keynote, I think the iPhone 5 is a really nice phone in general..... such as the fact that they managed to improve the camera (which the 4S was no slouch) to shoot even better in low light? Fantastic!!!

    After messing with the S3 for 2+ months, I just want to say, though it is a really good phone, and I can't wait till I try Jelly Bean, there are some quirks that bugs me really badly, and made me switch back to the iPhone:

    1) Apps are less polished than the iPhone. Bloomberg, IGN are some to name.
    Though there are exceptions, for example, I think Whatsapp is a better app on the Android than the iPhone...

    2) Keyboard. A huge one for me, since I use a lot of emoji + traditional chinese keyboard.
    I love Swiftkey so bad, but it just hasn't update the keyboard to support traditional Chinese.... for that reason, I think the iPhone's keyboard is still more superior.

    3) Music integration.
    Since I live in Hong Kong, Google Music is useless to me. So iTunes + iPod is always a better choice. The best music app on Android, Poweramp, is a bit below par compared to iPod at the moment.

    4) iCloud
    As much as I use Dropbox, I still think iCloud fits my Retina Macbook Pro + iPad 2 + iPhone a lot better than Dropbox. That's how I feel.
    I am using BOTH iCloud and Dropbox, but I can't escape iCloud completely.

    So based on these few reasons, I'm going to use iPhone as my main phone, while the S3 as my business phone. I know the title is misleading, as I'm just basically keeping both phones, but I started to put my iPhone back to my pocket, and my S3 in my work bag....

    Anyone else switched back????
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    May 3, 2009
    I went from android (droid x) to the iPhone 4 for similar reasons.

    I'm fairly well enmeshed in the apple ecosystem and syncing my contacts, calendar, music, etc is infinitely easier with an iPhone. If I embraced google's products, like gmail and its calendar app, maybe things would have been different but I like apple's stuff and didn't stop using them when I got the iPhone.

    I still like android and miss some of the things I can with that, which I can't easily do with the iPhone but life is about balancing the good with the bad.

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