Going crazy with iCloud and Contacts Syncing, please help.

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    Feb 17, 2011
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    (sorry if english isn't perfect).
    Ok, so my mother bought an iPhone, so, trying to help her out, I backed up all my contacts, erased them, and imported hers. Then, I erased all her contacts, imported back mine. They disappeared suddenly (from the Address Book). Then I realized, somehow iCloud "remembered" I erased all my contacts, so automatically "synced" those "zero" contacts back to my A.B. What I did was sign out from iCloud on my iMac, my iPhone, even signed out from iTunes store. Tried to sync back my iPhone, carefully selecting "Sync my contacts" in iTunes and nothing... they don't appear in my iPhone... I swear I'm going crazy, this is ridiculous.
    I need a way to "upload" all my contacts at once from my iMac Address Book. Because, whenever I enter iCloud, it syncs me back to those zero contacts (in fact, now it's only the one I entered from my iPhone).
    Any help? Any ideas? Thanks!!
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    Apr 30, 2012
    may i start off with asking why you were syncing your contacts to her phone, then deleting them, then importing hers?

    i find the easiest way to set up an apple iphone address book is to do it from scratch, by hand, from an empty phone book. then let icloud save/sync it.

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