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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Exsomos, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Exsomos macrumors newbie

    Nov 13, 2007
    Portland Oregon
    So i have the Ipod Touch and love it and that is why i am switching to the Iphone.... I have been pretty involved with the jailbreaking and ssh and all that and would like to think that im pretty good at it, have done it on mine like 20 times and done it for many friends many times.

    I have a couple questions when it comes to the iphone and how it differs, anyone for helping me is greatly appreciated. just somethings that i thought about.

    Providing that jailbreaking goes all good:

    *I back up my contacts via ssh in the addressbook folder, can you do that the same or do you have to do it from the sim or how does it save your contacts. i am assuming that the "contacts" app that you would use while making a selection for a phone call is the same as the contacts app from the touch?

    *When you jailbreak, does it affect you phone call capabilities? (is it deactivated) is there something special that you have to do to get you phone calling up and running? is that hard? my cell is my only phone, it needs to work, i can have it out of commission for a few minutes but longer is not good Or is that totally sim based and is not effected via the jailbreak. I have seen many jailbreaks that say "jailbreak and unlock/activate" is that was makes it phone call capable? I just dont want to have to call at&t each time or some crazy shi* or go into the store each time i jailbreak. I really have no clue about this part. sorry!

    *Has anyone switched from ipod touch to iphone? how was your experience in difference?

    Thank you to anyone who reads all of this. and even a bigger ass kiss to anyone who responds!:p
  2. Roessnakhan macrumors 68040


    Sep 16, 2007
    I've switched from iPhone to iPod Touch back to iPhone and the main difference you'll notice is the iPhone has a much more solid feel. I use the aluminium iPhone and feel it is much more sturdy, the Touch always felt a bit fragile to me.

    OS wise, you should be able to pick up and go just like the Touch, the only added features to the iPhone are the phone. :p

    Jailbreaking and unlocking are two different things, my first iPhone was jailbroken and still on AT&T, your phone capabilities should not be affected by jailbreaking.

    As for the SSHing, everything should be organised similarly.
  3. Exsomos thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 13, 2007
    Portland Oregon
    Thanks Roessnakhan.

    Thats what i had figured it would be like.

    But just to make sure i hear you right... Jailbreaking does not effect abillity to make or receive calls except during the process it self, right?

    anyone else have any switch stories?

    new 3g owners use to have an ipod?
  4. myemaildw macrumors regular

    Jun 14, 2008
    I switched from 60GB iPod Photo to iPhone. This wasn't so much of a switch as I used my iPod recent years only as a hard drive. When it came to buying an iPhone, I wasn't even thinking about getting an iPod Touch - there was no PHONE in it! I'm not so much into music anymore, I'm a college student now. So I figured it was very expensive to buy an iPhone with a contract, so I went to buy and sell website in my country and found a Jailbroken, unlocked iphone 16GB with installer for €300. When I was buying it from the man iPhone worked and I checked it at home, connected to my mac - it was all fine. My sim card was accepted and everything. Everything worked! Phone capabilities were as good as any other phone just better because it was an iphone!
    So i installed a couple of applications through installer and iphone touchscreen stopped responding. So I thought I just blew €300, and I bought iphone just two days ago. So I decided to restore 1.1.4 firmware in iTunes. I downloaded 1.1.4 firmware separately in Safari and restored it in iTunes by control clicking the restore botton and it asks you for the 1.1.4 firmware zip file. You locate that in finder and it restores.
    After That it asked me to activate the iphone through itunes, and it iTunes refused to do it as it was not official sim card. I thought again that I just blew my €300.
    Then somebody told me to download Ziphone. So I decided to do that. I downloaded mac version of Ziphone. When opened Ziphone application I pressed "Jailbrake and Activate" button skipping "Jailbrake, Unlock and Activate" button as my phone was already unlocked and thing happened. I still saw the itunes activation logo in iPhone. So it din't work on my iBook G4. My dad had a MacBook. So I took my dad's MacBook and run the Ziphone following the same procedures as on my iBook G4 and Ziphone activated and jailbroke my iPhone! This was the happiest moment! I was able to install applications and use phone, sms all that...

    What goes to the contacts, to sync them you simply plug your iphone to mac and click the info tap in iphone drive in itunes and click on the sync contacts botton and all contacts that you have in your Address Book.app will sync to iphone. You can also import your contacts from sum using SIMport application that you dowload from the Installer.app (installs automatically when you jailbrake).

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