Going insane: ATV losing stream from iTunes

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Bones3010, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Aug 17, 2009
    I know there are a lot of folks with similar problems but wanted to see if anyone has experience correcting it: My new ATV 40gigger is factory fresh with a clean drive and most recent firmware. I use it by streaming my PC (vista) through iTunes as it says you can do fine. It always shows under devices in iTunes but it will frequently drop at random times in the middle of a movie or anything else. No rhyme or reason. Still showing in iTunes even though ATV says it's disconnected. I can still access the Internet (YouTube, etc) so I know it's part of my network but the only way I can get it to rese streaming is to shut down iTunes and restart. Then the cycle will repeat itself, maybe in an hour, maybe in two minutes. I use an linksys N router (strong signal, no stuttering during streams). Furthermore, when I first start the ATV it will show in iTunes (as I said, it's always there) but won't work unless I restart iTunes... Big PITA considering my PC and ATV are on two levels of the house.

    Any ideas on how to correct this? I have over 700 movies ripped to a drive that I can't watch because I'll blow an aneurism if I keep getting disconnected in the middle of a viewing! >:-(

    Thanks in advance for any help and tolerating my rant! ;-)

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    Common issue

    I can't help much by way of reason but will say I had the same issues till the last OS X update and now mine works great again. Since the upgrade my aTV has not ever dropped off. Before is was after 20 minutes. Here is another thread about the same topic. Maybe it can help?


    Since your using a PC Im not sure where to start looking. Be sure all your software is the current versions.

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