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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by weddlec, Dec 14, 2016.

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    I have owned 3 MacBook Pro's. I bought the first one in 2008. Went 13" in 2011, but disliked the smalled size. In 2013 I bought, what was at the time current gen, the 2012 15' MacBook pro. Love it, best computer I have ever owned. I was planning on buying the new 2016 retina 15" as I have lost many pixels and have worn out some of the keys on my current 2012 mbp. The problem is the touch bar does nothing for me. The keyboard is an absolute deal breaker. The lack of ports is annoying, but I could get over that. It just frustrates me that it costs more to get a touch bar that adds no value for me personally. If this was some sort of hybrid macbook/iPad I could bring myself to put up with the compromises, but when I'm buying what is supposed to be Apple's best notebook I expect no compromises. My current 2012 disappoints me in no way at all, it's just got some age on it and I don't see getting another 4 years out of it as my primary computer.

    I'm currently torn between trying to get an older 2015 15" mbp and waiting until next year to see if Apple will respond to the many complaints that I have seen online. I am also considering getting a 21" iMac and a carrying case for it. I only move my computer about once a week. I am never on a plane with it. That gets me a good keyboard, all my ports, and that beautiful screen. There will be times, however, where I know lack of portability will annoy me.

    I'm sure this is a decision many others have run into as the cost of the 2015 MBP's has gone up on ebay. What does the community think?
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