Going to make very first iphone app.

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Airforcekid, Mar 24, 2009.

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    I have the SDK but where do I start and what are some easy apps to make the first time. By the way I know nothing about programing other than what I have learned in the threads and mainly want to do it as a hobby. Thanks for your help.
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    If you know nothing, then start by taking a trip to your local book store. Buy a book on programming in Objective-C. Some people will say start with C, but that isn't always necessary. If you can't work through the Objective-C book, then go back and get the C book.
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    you may want to start of with the very, very simple apps that are provided on developer.apple.com and see if this is actually for you, since books can be quite expensive.

    if you find this interesting, or just want to start programming then i would go out (or in on the net) and look for an iphone programming for dummies type book which will illustrate the basics of whats needed, and then the book it self may recommend other books to advance to. i wouldnt suggest going straight to C/java/objective c/c++ whatever objected orientated language straight away as you may find it tedious, and not really know what you are doing.

    by following what is essentially a tutorial you will be able to work with proper material based around iphone/ipod touch.

    i would also recommend going over to tizag.com and learn some javascript as this will introduce you into the basics of every programming language, ie if statements, for, while, switch, etc and once you have been able to get a hang of javascript, go onto the SDK.

    as i said, i highly recommend doing javascript and/or developer tutorials to make sure this is the right thing for you

    hope that help

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