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Feb 1, 2010
Raleigh, NC
Hi all - I emailed Stan Ng at Apple to ask about both the coating on the gold SS and space black SS watches as I have ordered both and am trying to decide which to keep. His response is below.

Now that I know the gold SS also has a protective coating, I have no idea which one I'll keep. Anyone know the difference between DLC and PVD coatings?

"The Space Black Series 4 is DLC coated and the Gold Series 4 is PVD coated. Both provide a layer of scratch resistance. Hope that helps! Thanks."


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Mar 18, 2012
The Xs/Xs Max do NOT have a DLC coating like the Space Black Apple Watch.

The PVD on the Space Grey phones may resist scratches to a degree but it is not as scratch resistant as the DLC on the watch.


Jul 12, 2016
According to this article the iPhone XS Space Grey has DLC

You misread that article. The space gray iPhone XS does _not_ have DLC, it has PVD a coating. The Article quote was referring to the DLC being ‘tougher’ over PVD. The only product that uses DLC is the space black Apple Watch. This is the quote that you misread if you read it again:

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have glass backs and stainless steel bands with a clear or vapor finish. Polished (silver) stainless steel can scratch. Vapor coating, like the black DLC (diamond-like) is much, much tougher. Still, all finishes can scratch over time.”
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