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    So this year I'm applying like crazy for Summer/Winter Intern positions. Talking to friends who managed to snag positions at RedHat and Google and Googling intern stories have basically said that I need to make sure that my Algorithms and Computer Architecture knowledge is strong and my programming is up to snuff. This information has the amazing ability of being helpful but not really.

    I basically want recommendations on good books to read to make sure I've got all my technical bases covered. I would like it if they were under or around 500 pages, my reading speed is abysmal. :eek:

    What I have on my reading list so far (Recommendations from freinds, people i know who work already etc):
    Data Structures-
    Computer Architecture-

    I am taking the following papers this year:

    Yes, I do know how to implement Binary Search, for an array and as a tree. :p I also contribute to the Fedora Project community, but I have no clue how I would sell that to an employer.

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