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    Does anyone know a web host that offers Exchange support . 1&1 does it but is it good?

    Any suggestions?

  2. amartins02 macrumors newbie

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    I would try I believe it's $5.00 a month which is $60 a year. It's cheaper than MobileMe but not as clean and easy to use. They do offer a free option but you have to punch in all your contacts manually. Although the free service will fetch your email, sync contacts and calendar. I guess you could sign up for paid version, sync all your contacts, then change it back to the free version. Overall it works well. But I am still using Mobile Me for my free 60 Days and will decide after what to do. The only plus is that Mobile Me gives you the 20 GB of storage but you can off set that with other free services out there. The pain is that its not all integrated into one service like Mobile Me.

    Google would be smart to jump on this and offer a service similar at a cheaper price.
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    The $5 per month seems to be pretty limited. To get the full Exchange support in Mail2Web I think it is more like $12 per month. I also need a mutl-user license (like the familty pack). When you consider both of these the MobilieMe Family Pack is a pretty good option (especially if you buy from Amazon).
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    I use exchange from 1&1, in fact I manage 30 exchange accounts from them. Works well and is flawless on the iphone. Too bad my personal hotmail account isn't as easy to access on the iphone.

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