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    May 17, 2011
    Today I had a good customer service experience with Apple. I'd like to share it with you.

    I mistakenly bought an improper case for my iPad2 using an electronic voucher at the Apple Online Store. When I noticed that I made a mistake, I called the customer service for canceling the order and placing another order for a stand for my iPad2. The saleslady told me that, since the voucher had been used, it could not used again as specified by the Apple Store policy even though I would cancel my original order. I and my wife talked on the line with the saleslady for quite some time without a result. She then brought in a team leader who offered me to apply for another voucher of equivalent value. After a few minutes, I found a new electronic voucher in my mailbox. I then canceled my original order and placed an order for a stand for my iPad2. It was really a happy ending! I now enjoy Apple'ing and Mac'ing greatly!
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    Its great when some of them go the extra mile for customers.

    My girlfriends Macbook Pro battery died after a power surge at home which wiped out some of the internal exlectronics. We were certain we would have to pay for it but the Genius just popped a new one in, saving us well over £100! :D

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