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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by fhall1, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I just wanted to point people to a place I ordered my 2012 Mini from....I'd never heard of it before, but did some checking on Resellerratings and emailed the company to try to calm any fears.

    The company is and they are listed on the Apple site as a certified Apple seller.

    Anyway...after comparing the Apple Gov't Employee discount for the mid-level Mini it worked out to $779 ($20 savings off list), plus $99 for AppleCare ($50 off list), free shipping, but 8.25% state sales tax (approx $72). Total would have been $950. List price total would have been $1026 - so not bad.

    However, Portableone sells the same model for $764, AppleCare for $99, free shipping and only charge sales tax in CA. My total was $863 and they shipped Fedex, so I had the Mini in 3 days after ordering. I've had it up and running almost 2 weeks now with no issues. Just wanted to point this place out as I'd never heard of them before, but they saved me about $90 over the Apple Gov't Store and $160 over list price (after taxes). Savings paid for my 16GB RAM upgrade and then some.

    I have no affiliation with them, just wanted to point out a decent deal to my fellow MR readers that may be interested in a new Mini.

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