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Good deal?


macrumors Sandy Bridge
Oct 17, 2011
Was bendgate just a myth then lol
Aside from very few people who ran into issues related to it (as there are always a few people running into issues with something when it comes to any product).


macrumors G5
Nov 29, 2011
Boston, MA
I'd consider a few things before buying.

Find out if there is any warranty left. If none, make sure you give the phone a thorough once over. Nothing worse than getting a "deal" only to find out something like the home button doesn't work right and then either dealing with repair costs or living with the problem.

Also consider how many charge cycles are on the battery. No real way to check this without installing one of many apps, but if it's a launch day device it can easily have 400+ cycles on it already if it was owned previously by a heavy user. Nothing necessarily wrong with a well loved device except that the battery may be getting worn to a point that you're going to see notably diminished capacity.
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