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Discussion in 'iMac' started by paulold, Oct 13, 2015.

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    I currently use my Early 2012 MacBook Pro 17" connected to a 32" TV to run Logic Pro X for recording keyboards/audio in my home studio. Nothing major - just a hobby. I've been wanting a dedicated machine for my music so I can keep it connected and ready to go at all times. The new iMacs came out. I was wondering - which would be better for my setup? Putting the laptop in the music studio or one of the new iMacs?
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    I suppose it depends on how you work, as well as what 3rd party plugins you use, or might end up using. I use a late 2009 iMac on Logic (which I'm ready to upgrade now). It can still handle 20 to 30 tracks in Logic with tons of plugins and sound design. Some of the more recent plugins like Omnisphere 2 when used in granular mode give me crazy cpu spikes, and that's just with one instance on one track with nothing else loaded in that same session.

    Logic does make good use of the four virtual threads if you have an i7 processor. If you have an i5 now then it could possibly be of benefit (depending on what how intensive your sessions are). If you don't find that you're having much issues regarding cpu spikes, or that you're not often getting overload messages, then it might be of little benefit to upgrade. It all depends on the individual really.

    Also, if you dont have an ssd in your Macbok pro, in that case going for a new iMac with one will definitely make things much much snappy in general.

    It all depends on you really.

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