Good IP5 Cases Under $10?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by mackandproud, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I just saw this on ebay for $6. It's an oker ip5 case. Does anyone have any experience with this particular brand? I have not seen a single review so far, but the price is tempting.

    I included some ad copy (rather poorly written) and a couple of photos. I'm not shilling for this brand at all, just looking for some information.

    If you have any experiences with inexpensive cases, please post info here. Thanks!


    This is the premium smart belt clip/case combo. It is a belt clip holster, a hard case, and a movie stand all together as one holster combo. Slide in the holster when walking, slides out when making a call and use the holster as a stand when watching a video on YouTube. The stand works in both orientation. This holster combo will make your life much easier and much more comfort.


    •2 Pieces design you device slides in and out.
    •Smart Holster act as both belt clip and stand.
    •Stand works in both orientation and adjustable height.
    •Design for maximum grip and impact protection.
    •Allows complete interaction of your device.
    •Silicone Plugs provide coverage for all ports.
    •Grip Design silicone keep your device in place.
    •(Phone is not included.)
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    After you've gone through a few eBay cases before realizing they are crap, you will have spent enough to buy a decent $20 case. Many name brand cases can be had for a lot cheaper on amazon now. For example, the CandyShell is $15-$25 on amazon.
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    Apr 30, 2012
    Diztronic is a good case and its only $10 on amazon.

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