Good iPhone 4 Cases?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by KidZgOtMac, Jul 29, 2011.

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  2. gokart mozart, Jul 29, 2011
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    "Think Otterbox" is vague, since there are different Otterboxes. Are we talking max (Defender) or the more reasonable daily protection (Commuter)?

    If you insist on Otterboxes and aren't involved in combat, construction, heavy industry, etc, then I'd recommend the Commuter. The Defender can be overkill otherwise. Along the lines of the Commuter are:

    (^What I use and recommend)

    (^Also a popular case)

    BTW the ones that say either AT&T or VZW only also come in a version for the other carrier, I was just too lazy to link to both versions.

    The upside to these cases is that they have interior cushioning for impact absorption and hard outer shells for your usual scratch resistance and impact dispersion (not so much on the SGP but its nice enough to be worth mentioning). They also add far less bulk than something like a OB Defender, Seidio Convert, or Speck Toughskin. If you want the extra protection and don't mind the bulk, I'd recommend the Seidio Convert over the Otterbox Defender.

    There's also the Otterbox Reflex, which I find hard to recommend at its price. For 5$ more you can have the Defender or save 10$ and get the better looking and more protective (imo) Commuter. I can only really recommend it if you like slider cases, and if that were the case (no pun intended) I'd have to recommend the Incase Slider Pro over it.
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    im liking these, good protection and still get to see the sexy iPhone when you use it. The cutout lets you see the time and who is calling

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    After using a NGP, duroSHOT, and POP!, my new speck candyshell is my favorite. I also had a switcheasy rebel but it did not fit my verizon iphone.
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    Jul 3, 2011
    I just started using the Incipio NGP case purchased from Amazon, after switching from the Apple Bumper, and I really like the protection and feel of it. It's a little bit bulky, and it doesn't fit perfectly because of the positioning of the screen protector, but for $17 i think it will definitely protect my phone from drops, etc.
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    For Full Protection

    I use the full Otterbox kit....Only drawback is that the only way you would know you had an iPhone is to look at the little see through panel and catch the apple logo on the back of the phone.

    When it's ALL dressed up in it's rubber wet weather gear and belt clip you can't see at all.

    The good thing about the defender range is that it has no percetible effect on swipe / scroll gestures. I tried a fews other products but they made the phone pretty much unusable.

    Has anyone actually bought the whole kit for iPad I wonder?
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    Did you type that up for an article or something? There are other colors available.
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    So is this sarcasm or something?
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    More like a copy and paste scenario to me !
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    Give idamerica a look. I love their Shaded clear Ice case on my white iPhone.
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    newbie + bizarre post + link in sig = spammer. report it when you see it.
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    protection? Maybe from scratches but not from a drop. A case will offer more protection than a sticker. The part about them looking better is also up to personal taste. I agree there are more customization options with them, but most of the designs I've seen are quite gaudy.
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    Jul 13, 2011
    that's very suitable for the man!!!pretty good case, thanks so much.
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    I have the Relflex case from Otterbox. Love it because it's the slimmest one they make I believe, but still offers great protection.
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    I like Speck cases. The Pixelskin HD and the Candyshell are my favourite :D
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    I have the Speck Satin and love it :cool:
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    Where are these from? Is there a website?

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