Good keyboard for Mac/Windows users ?


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Oct 12, 2011
Converting people from Windows to Mac. For those who'll still need to use Windows for some time in either a dual boot or VMWare Fusion config, is there a keyboard that works well? One thought was a standard windows keyboard on a USB port for Windows and a wireless mac keyboard for OSX but that's not exactly too elegant and might be more confusing (for them and for tech support).

I looked at Logitech and theirs seem to be one or the other, nothing designed for both.



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Jul 1, 2004
The Apple wireless keyboard will work on a PC just fine with the Bootcamp drivers (from personal experience). I'd estimate that 80-90% of the Mac capability is there under Windows. Media keys work as far as specialty function keys, but that's about it.

Unfortunately, a single keyboard setup will almost always have the wrong keycaps on the physical keyboard for one OS or the other (unless you get a keyboard without labels)/ However, that presents other user support issues.

You can always remap the keys so that the functionality matches what is printed on the keyboard, but this causes support issues for you (having to maintain yet another piece of software). So you either use one keyboard and let the users adapt, or you set up 2 keyboards and make them shuffle between the keyboards.

My advice would be to just have them use the Apple Wireless keyboard.
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