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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ChEmNeRd23, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. ChEmNeRd23, Jul 25, 2011
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    May 17, 2011
    So I'm so excited the rumors were right about the refresh for the MBA and I'm glad I waited for this to make the switch from Windows. I will be buying my MBA in 2 weeks so I have a few questions (some I will post later) and I wanted some opinions. I am wondering what is a good monitor brand and monitor size to use with a MBA? My TV broke recently so could this double as a TV as well or is that something else? I'm looking to spend around $200 (plus or minus $50). Maybe a 21-27 inch...

    This logic may seem odd but I feel like I should ask before I assume lol I know you can buy an Apple wireless keyboard; could I use this wireless keyboard and external monitor with an 11" MBA at the same time? The keyboard may seem dumb but what if I want to spend 4 hours working on a paper and want the advantage of a larger screen and full size keyboard?

    Thanks for the help everyone! :)

    I just realized - I don't think the wireless keyboard is any bigger than the keyboard on the MBA...I guess I'm just trying to make a "make-shift" desktop out of this but not sure if a wireless keyboard is necessary.
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    Jun 28, 2011
    In the $200-$250 range, there are lots of monitors. There isn't any particular one that is dominating the market. LG, Asus, Samsung, BenQ, and a few other manufacturers all compete in this price range, and you may find a good deal from any of them.

    If you live in the US, I'd recommend you look at to purchase your monitor.

    If you live in Canada, or are good choices.

    I could pick out a few monitors which look suitable in your price-range if you want. You're looking at a 1920x1080 resolution, 2ms response time, LCD/LED screen... etc... etc.

    One main thing to remember (if you're doing your own shopping): Dynamic contrast ratio (or sometimes deceptively referred to simply as "contrast ratio") isn't a guarantee of anything really. LCD vs. LED also isn't a guarantee of anything. Take each display for what it's worth: What matters is the actual quality. The only thing that should matter is that you purchase a 1920x1080 display, as that's pretty much a standard (especially in your price range).

    My honest opinion though is this: I'm wondering why you're looking to use the Macbook Air as your one and only device. I think you should honestly consider having a main computer in addition to your Air.
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    Paul, I want to mention that I enjoy reading your intelligent, articulate and well reasoned posts.

    Besides being more environmentally friendly, shouldn't LED's have a longer useful service life vs regular LCD's due to not having the flourescent tubes to eventually degrade and die out? Or am I operating out of stale knowledge?

    Reading user reviews at amazon and best buy's online site may be a good way to determine a winner among finalists.

    And I'm curious concerning your advice to not use the MBA as a primary computer. Granted, the OP didn't say what he wanted to do with the Air. It just seems to me that the second generation airs, unlike their predecessors, are perfectly capable of being primary systems, as long as intensive graphics won't be needed.
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    Paul & Clyde - thanks for the quick and informative responses. I gave a quick search on Amazon and I just wanted to see if there was a particular brand I should get or one I should stay away from. Also, I wasn't sure if there would be any compatability issues. I think I should be able to find a decent 27" or a good 24" monitor in that price range. Just remembered another question on this - what cable will I need to connect my MBA to the monitor?

    Back in April I decided to purchase a MBA. I am a rising senior in college and I take my computer daily, so the portability of the MBA really caught my eye. More recently I have been debating as to which size will best fit my needs. My fiance plans to buy a new MBP next fall when we graduate, so I guess I could always use hers if I felt my MBA was underpowered. This will be MY main computer but I will have access to my fiance's 15" dell as she decided to hang on to it while we're in school. I will not need to use any graphics intesive programs this coming year; I only plan to surf the web, MS Office and iTunes. However, this computer will be used in graduate school for 4-5 years. In that case I may need to use programs like: Origin, ChemDraw, Matlab, Visual Basic to name a few. Nonetheless, I am still up in the air (haha) about which size would be best for me because some posts on the forum eluded to the new 11" being pretty darn good for those seeking ultra-portability. Originally I wasn't even considering the 11" model.
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    I personally prefer the 13" but maybe you should stop by an Apple Store or Best Buy to see which one feels better to you. Both are quite portable--to me the decision would come down to how much time you will be spending typing on the computer without the external monitor. If it is a lot, then the 13" would be better because the larger screen will come in handy. If you will be connected to the monitor almost all of the time, then screen size might not be that important.

    Here are a couple of great options that are well priced.

    That one has a nice built-in speaker; if you already have speakers, get the next one:


    You could find some other brands like Acer or ViewSonic for cheaper but they will not be as nice as the Dell or Samsung.

    As for the cable, you will need a MiniDisplay Port to DVI (or VGA).

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