Good place to get a puppy!


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Feb 12, 2006
So, my girlfriend may be buying me a puppy for Christmas (If all goes to plan) and we're wondering what some good places to get them are.

We've looked into the Animal Humane Society, but not really anything else. I'm not sure how to put this without sounding like a jerk but I'll do my best. Obviously we want a healthy loving puppy, but we also don't want it to break the bank just for the sake of getting it from 'some really nice guy' or a 'hometown' guy, you know? This isn't the type of case where we can do that. Price is a factor, but if it's not going to be a healthy loving puppy we can't do that either.



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Jul 6, 2006
Florida, USA
A local shelter is certainly a good place to start! Please do avoid any local pet stores you should happen upon, even if they claim to sell only breeder puppies--the puppies sold at these places tend to come from puppy mills, which often have sick puppies and miserable living conditions for all of their dogs. Reputable breeders won't sell through any stores, as they'll want to personally screen all families that adopt from them.

Do you have any specifics for the sort of puppy you're looking for? Size, age, maybe a particular type (i.e. terrier, hound) or a specific breed?

For general searching, try doing a search on, if you haven't already. Many local shelters will list their dogs on the site, so you can put in your city and a search radius and get results for smaller shelters in your area. is another site that operates under the same premise.



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Jul 20, 2007
Getting it at a local shelter is definately a better choice than a local breeder. Plus you'll be saving a puppy AND money. :D

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May 15, 2007
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Your local animal shelter is a great place to start. Its always worth giving a good dog a good home. Another suggestion I have, especially if you were looking for a particular breed, is to speak with a local veterinarian. Local breeders, the good ones, will have a good reputation with a local vet. Be wary as some breeders seem think think they know enough not to consult a vet though, hence my suggestion to speak with one. Just my .02 :)


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Mar 9, 2002
You know those perspiring, rain coat wearing, middle aged men that hang around outside primary schools? Go and ask one of them... they always have puppies for you to go and see. ;)


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Jun 16, 2004
You know those perspiring, rain coat wearing, middle aged men that hang around outside primary schools? Go and ask one of them... they always have puppies for you to go and see. ;)
They've also been known to have a good supply of sweets too!!


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May 9, 2006
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Rescue,rescue rescue! a rescued dog is always your best bet. My latst dog i a rescue and he's the sweetest thing ever. Does it HAVE to be a puppy? Couldn't you get an older dog that needs a good home?

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Oct 9, 2006
it depends on what you are looking for. If you want a particarl breed it can be a bit more difficult. The last 2 dogs my family got was a begeal and a Lab. Both we got from some one who bred them. The Begeal we got from a puppy mill and from what my parents told me is it was rather miserable for the dogs by the looks of it. The puppy look ok but after we had it her a while we noticed she started looking heathier. Problem we ran into is later in life her inbreeding started to show. We where giving her steroids and I think cortisone shots to keep her from scratching herseft to death (we was scratching until she bleed). So between her inbreeding problems and the shots she died at 9 years.

Our lab on the other had we got from a lady who just want to try it and breed the her lab with some else healthy lab (no real inbreeding). Now the lab we got was heath from day one and very full of life. She a little over 8 years old now and just starting to slow down and starting to show her age. When she was younger we would play fetch and we would get tired and quite before the dog. Now the dog will get tired and quite playing. That and my parents think her joints are starting to bother her but she is also 8.5 years old and that is getting up there for a lab.


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Jul 24, 2005
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I second/third the local shelter thing.
Google local no-kill shelters - the bigger SPCAs/Humane Societys get more in the way of support than many of the local, smaller shelters.
We're in the middle of adopting a kitten from a local no-kill (ARNO for any of y'all in/around New Orleans), and before they adopt out any animal they spay/neuter it, make sure it has all its shots, and is housebroken. They also don't ask for an adoption fee, while the local SPCA charged $75, and then the cost of a spay/neuter if it hasn't already been done.
Also, if your girlfriend had a specific breed in mind, look into breed-rescue organizations (example).
Good luck on the puppy hunt!
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