Good places for pictures along the PA Turnpike?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by yg17, Aug 16, 2009.

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    In a few weeks, I'm visiting some people and am doing a St. Louis-Washington DC-Philadelpha-St. Louis road trip, and the return part will take me on the PA Turnpike (bloody toll roads, we get along without them just fine in Missouri :p). I've driven through the Appalachian Mountains, once on I-80 in northern PA and another time on I-64 through West Virginia, and both times, the scenery was just beautiful. A far cry from the farmland you drive through out here in the midwest. Unfortunately, neither time I had a camera, however, this time, I'm making sure to bring my DSLR to brush up on my photography skills and get some good photos. I don't just want to pull over to the side of the road because I'm not even sure it's legal to do that unless you breakdown, and even if it is, it's not exactly safe, so does anyone know of any good places along the pike for me to pull off and get some good pictures? Like anything specific, or maybe a pulloff or road designed just to look at the scenery? I don't mind leaving the pike and going on some side roads for a little bit, I suppose the toll is about the same if I leave and re-enter than if I stay on it. Thanks
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    There are lots of little pull offs on the PA t-pike. You may have to battle a cop with a radar gun for them though.:p Got two tickets on that stupid road from those sneaky bastartds.
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    The thing about asking where to take good pictures is that you just never know. What you find pretty others may not and vice versa. I presume, with what short time I've been on the east coast, that there are a ton of great places to take photos. Whether it is feasible is another question. A native may be able to help you there. I found this site that may be of some assistance.

    If you're interested in taking pictures then you'll take your camera, stop when and wherever safe and take as many shots as humanly possible. Come home, rummage though the sludge and see what comes of it.

    Good luck, I would love to take a road trip north to get some shots.

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