Good (potentially free) time lapse programs?


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Okay, were in trouble. During the power outage last weekend we, I mean, uh, a friend, teepeed a neighbor. This would normally be fine if it weren't for the fact that this neighbor is the ultimate prankster and is not someone you want conspiring against you. That said, through our far reaching network of spies, we found out that the retaliation is set for tomorrow night. In addition to a few "surprises" we have set out for them, I, I mean my friend, wants to set up video surveillance of the scene for future use. :D

Are there any good programs out there that enable me, I mean, uh, my friend, to connect my camera to the computer and make a time-lapse video?

PS. if anyone has ideas for the "surprises," i'm wiling to listen.


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Aug 3, 2005
Buffalo, NY
iMovie HD has a time lapse option, I've never used it but. Actually I just tested it, if you know the settings you need then it works ok :).