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    Poetic Affinity for the iPhone 6(s) Plus/ 6 (s)

    I was provided this case for free for an unbiased review. So a big thank you to Poetic for this opportunity to share my opinions. The Affinity is a 1-piece clear case with black accents and a frosted P for Poetic

    First lets start with the good:

    · Protective- For a thin case, this does have a hard plastic feel, that would make you feel confident that it would hold up to daily nicks, scrapes and dings. While I wouldn’t look to drop this from 6+ feet, I do believe that the average drops, this case would be more than sufficient.

    · Cost- Like all Poetic cases, one of the greatest attributes is the cost. These are pure quality cases and are typically found on Amazon for under $20. ($14.99 at the time of this review)

    · Comparison- This case is very reminiscent of the UAG Maverick case, which I have owned in the past. However, I actually like this case more than the UAG and not just because of the price. I find the design to be sturdier as well as the grip to be more sufficient.


    · Scratches- like many clear plastic cases, they are prone to typical daily scratches. Its not the end of the world, however, it is something I am not fond of.

    · No mil spec- I would have liked to have seen a rating on this. However, I feel comfortable at 4 feet which is roughly my chest height. I would not be fearful in the least.


    · Excellent budget case that is better than it’s peers at have the cost. Highly recommended.

    · Excellent job Poetic!
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    4 feet is your head height?
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    I also recently received a Poetic Affinity for review purposes.

    Basically, I think it's a very good slim case that could definitely benefit from more grippy material for the bumper area.

    Hard plastic all around and a very good fit. The black areas are not a softer TPU or plastic, it's basically hard plastic top to bottom. Not excessively grippy, and not excessively slippery either. Case has a really nice design to it that is unique. Buttons click nice, which should be a given, but I've tried plenty of cases with lousy button action. This one is great.

    Seems to offer moderate protection, as much as any other slim case.

    All in all, my only suggestion would be to make the black parts a softer, grippier TPU material instead of hard plastic. That'd be a great improvement.

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