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Aug 31, 2003
Wherever my feet take me…
Does anyone have a preference on a stylus for Pixelmator on an iPad mini 4? I'm getting into photography, but don't want to spend hundreds on an iPad Pro + Pencil until I better know what I'm doing.


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Mar 27, 2015
Outside of Seattle
I have the Adonit jot script evernote, a wacom bamboo fineline, and an Adonit pro. The first two are Bluetooth but I have found that they both don't connect very well due to the connectivity within the writing nun to the rest of the insides. I know it sounds confusing, it seems to pic up the signal sometimes but doesn't seem to be able to hold it and I think it has to do with how the nub is connecting to whatever is sending the pressure behind it. Both of these seem to be a few mm off when it comes to accuracy and that in itself is a downer. The Adonit pro seems to fare well with accuracy but you lose the pressure sensitivity and if that's important to you then that would be a minus. The one thing that is wrong with this stylus is the precision disc, any wrong move and it pops off and it's quite small and translucent so it's easy to lose and it renders the stylus useless until you purchase another nub. Unless it is like mine where after putting the nun back on three times the ball it pops onto broke off. This should not have happened as the nubs are made to be replaced if needed and are not difficult to pop on so no force is needed.(think of it kind of like a metal snap). I hope this helps, glad to see a fellow pixelmator it's my goto app for anything and everything picture related, although it can be quirky at times. Best of luck.
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