Good time to buy Airport Extreme basestation?


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Jun 15, 2003
Hi, just wondering if there are any expected revisions to the AE basestations. I need to buy a new one but don't want to miss out on any new features that may come along soon.

Also, I currently use an original grey Airport basestation. Do you know if the usable range is better on the newer units?


redeye be

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Jan 27, 2005
I don't think the AE will be updated any time soon.
The only thing imo they could do is add BT and their own remote... but i doubt that will happen any time soon.

As for the range i have no idea whatsoever. My guess is it's the same.


Edit: i am talking about the express - the one with the tunes, hence the remote, sry if this wasn't clear

On the range of the AE: it depends on the WiFi standard it uses. A new one will go faster and more far i'd say :confused: :eek:


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Apr 19, 2004
Secret Moon base
I have an Extreme and it is a good product. However if I was buying another one today I would get an Express, almost the same thing but you get remote speakers.

I think the Extreme has an extra Ethernet port and can handle more users though.

Artful Dodger

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Hi, I bought an Express for the use of a printer and well, the music part of it was a bonus and I get full coverage in my house. I say this because 3/4 of my basement is finished with the use of metal studs so... I've been very happy with it. :)


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Jan 3, 2005
I recently purchased 2 AEs, one at full price and one off the refresh table for $79. One is hooked up to the DSL modem (w/ speakers) and the 2nd is hooked up to a printer in another room bridged to the DSL. Good stuff, works like a charm with my Toshiba laptop...soon to add a PB15. I'm all over the place with the laptop and no problems connecting from anywhere.


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Feb 2, 2005
I definitely recommend Airport Express; AirTunes aside, it has better signal strength than my Microsoft and Actiontec access points and the USB port alone makes it worth it from an iPod standpoint.


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Feb 21, 2005
I was considering the AExtreme, but after reading the reviews on CNet, no way. So then, I'm thinking... maybe the express, which got good ratings? No, because I can get a Belkin Pre-N router, which has much better ratings & range than both, for the price of an AExpress.

AExtreme: $199
Editors' rating:6.9 Fair
Average user rating:7.6 Good (from 20 users)
The good:Excellent performance in an 802.11g-only network at close range; attractive design; solid security; allows network bridging.
The bad:performance drops in mixed-mode (802.11b and 802.11g) environment; has a short range; weak tech support; only two Ethernet ports; doesn't include an Ethernet cable.
The bottom line:The AirPort Extreme performs well in a close-knit 802.11g network, but it's not fast enough in mixed mode to warrant upgrading.

AExpress: $119
Editors' rating:8.1 Very good
Average user rating:Be one of the first to rate this product!
The good:Windows and Apple compatible; works as a USB print server; streams digital music via iTunes; excellent performance; WDS capable.
The bad:No browser-based configuration; no SPI firewall; lacks configurable port filtering; no built-in interface for audio control.
What's it for:Adding Wi-Fi to a wired network, bridging two LANs, repeating Wi-Fi signals, printing over a network, and streaming digital audio with iTunes.
Who's it for:iTunes/iPod fans interested in setting up or adding onto an existing wireless network.
Business use:File sharing and network printing.
Essential extras:A wireless adapter for your computer.
The bottom line:This is among the best compact wireless-networking devices available.

Belkin Pre-N: $118
Editors' rating:8.4 Very good
Average user rating:
The good:Fast; great range; simple setup; includes software for both Windows and Mac.
The bad:pricey; requires MIMO adapter to achieve its full potential.
What's it for:Setting up a wireless network.
Who's it for:Those looking for a long-range wireless solution, say, someone with a big house or a large office.
Business use:Sharing an Internet connection; standard file and printer sharing.
Essential extras:You'll need Belkin's Pre-N PC Card adapter to take full advantage of the router's range.
The bottom line:If you're looking for a router with great range, this is it.
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