Good way to fix screen scratches?

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    I just got a new device about 4 days ago, and without dropping it, exposing it to temperature, or putting anything else in my pocket, it somehow managed to get a scratch in the screen already. The best solutions I've heard are:

    1. Buy a new $80 screen
    2. Sander with 1000-grit sandpaper
    3. Various corrosive acids

    Does anyone know something that will actually and feasibly work? I think it's deep enough that it needs to be filled, not resurfaced. Would Turtle Wax work? Maybe some sort of epoxy? I've also heard to use Brasso, but I'm not sure that'd be safe.
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    Thanks for the helpful answer
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    You can go onto amazon . And but this product called apple sauce ... It's a screen scratch remover and it does do the job but not to reallly deep scratches
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    Buy a good quality screen protector and apply it. I had an iPod touch a couple of years back that got scratched a day or two after i bought it which was really annoying. I found that when I applied the screen protector (an Invisible Shield), I could no longer see the scratch!

    Give that a go ;)

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    Good and straight answer.
    Maybe wasnt what the OP wanted to hear but there isnt much you can do to scratched glass.
    Either apply a screen protector and leave it the way it is or replace the screen.
    One is a $1 easy solution and the other one around $120-150.
    Make your pick.
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    i was just wondering about this, since i have developed a few minor scratches. thanks!
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