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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by makkystyle, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. makkystyle macrumors regular

    Aug 12, 2002
    I would like to purchase a web address for a business that I will be starting and am looking for recommendations on a good hosting service. It will mostly be for email and static information pages and I would like to not spend too much money because I don't need huge bandwidth allowances. What service do you guys know of that I can register through online ?

    Thanks for the help, I hope this is the right forum for this topic.
  2. joeyjojoe macrumors regular

    Jun 20, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    Are you talking about domain name registration? If so, I would recommend GoDaddy. The interface on the page isn't too intuitive, but you shouldn't have a problem with it.

    If you want actual webhosting space, I'm currently using (and am happy with) Dathorn Services. I only own a small personal page, so I can't really tell you about stress tests. The owner is helpful, and the forums are quite good. Plus its cheap ($13/month for 2 GB space and like 40 GB transfer).
  3. mnkeybsness macrumors 68030


    Jun 25, 2001
    Moneyapolis, Minnesota
    i used GoDaddy for my domain registration and i use AlteraHosting as my host. it's $50 a year for 100MB space and 1Gb transfer per month. they onlye charge $1 per extra hundred MBs of space used and $1 per extra Gb of data transfer.

    PS: perhaps community discussion or general discussion would have been better :D
  4. makkystyle thread starter macrumors regular

    Aug 12, 2002
    Thanks for the help guys. Godaddy sounds good.

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