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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by beppo, Jun 29, 2008.

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    hey, has always been the place to go to before i buy a ipod or anything else apple. because the have the edge on unreleased info you don't have to worry about buying something that could be updated soon. what i am looking for is a website thats a lot like macrumors but for cameras. it's hard to tell when you should buy a camera and with the rate of tech getting better every day i would hate to spend $600+ on something thats about to get better. Thanks in advance for all the help on finding the site i'm looking for!!!
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    As CrackedButter said, Digital Photography Review is great. But just be aware that the camera companies like to guard their plans as closely as Steve Jobs does for Apple's. So it's still easy to get burned, or to find yourself waiting for some product that never materializes.

    The thing is, though - just like with Apple products - just because some new product comes out a week or three after you've just bought one, doesn't make what you have stop working. If it was a great camera (or computer, or iPod) before, it's still great.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to waiting for that Nikon D700 to be announced on Tuesday... :D
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    This is another great website for reviews. Dpreviews just like everyone else has said.
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    Here is a good place for all things Canon cameras, but goes a step further. Interesting enough, it is NOT sponsored or hosted by Canon, so the site is pretty candid.

    Link -->
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    dpreview is great, EXCEPT for rumors. is the only camera site I usually need, but it emphasizes news, not rumors. Those guys are actually pretty good about sticking to the manufacturers' embargoes, not publishing information before it's "official." (In cases when other sites break the embargo, dpreview sometimes will follow suit.) A good example is the Nikon D700. The whole world knew it was coming, but it wasn't mentioned on dpreview's main page until its release date (yesterday).

    The discussion forums on dpreview, of course, are FULL of rumors and speculation. Unfortunately, 98% of it is garbage, so good luck figuring out what to believe.


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