Goodbye Verizon :(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jetlagged, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. jetlagged, Apr 9, 2016
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    Sep 6, 2012
    It's over, cancelled my wireless plan with Verizon after 6 years because I'm currently traveling longterm overseas for the next 18 months (I am 6 months into my travels). Local sim cards are much cheaper compared to paying a monthly service with verizon in addition to paying extra for global service. Also because they would only let me suspend the service for 3 months in a calendar year without billing. Weighed the cost, and it wasn't worth it in my opinion. Right now I'm paying on average $20-25 a month for a local sim card in various countries I've visited which includes talk, a generous amount of data plan, texts, and international calls back to the USA are cheap at 25 cents to 40 cents a minute, which i don't use often except as needed. I was paying on average $80 a month for 450 minutes of talk, no texts, and unlimited data with verizon.

    So long grandfathered unlimited data plan (not a big deal anymore for me since they increased the price from $30 to $50 anyways). So long wireless phone number. I'm wondering if I made the right choice. A part of me feels sad that I lost that number. I wonder if I can get it back when I return to the USA and subscribe with verizon again. (anybody knows?)

    Oh well, it's not like anybody was calling me on my verizon wireless number anyways during the last 6 months of travel. I look forward to the day when I shop for a wireless carrier with a good plan in the future when I return. Probably sticking with verizon again since I never had a problem with their customer service. Hell even cancelling my service was so easy, they didn't give me a hard time.
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    Apr 25, 2012
    You should have ported the number to Google Voice (I think it can be done). That would have saved your number.
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    Or a prepaid service and just keep enough credit on there to keep the number.

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