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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by eurobum, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. eurobum macrumors member

    Feb 4, 2012
    So I'm looking for the best ways to stream my already existing library of movies remotely on my iPad (when not on home network).

    So far I've tried Plex, which works great. It actually plays most 1080p encoded in Matroska. But that's not what this thread is about (I know there are about 50 threads on this topic alone).

    I've also tried finding a file manager that gives remote access and the ability to "open with" without downloading onto the iPad but just stream. For example AVPlayerHD + FileBrowser. But I've yet to find a file manager that let's you "open with" to stream (FB only lets you download then you can "open with").

    So I stumbled upon GoodPlayer, and of course I've read the relevant points from here:

    However, two pretty major issues.

    1. Can't connect to my Mac Pro via SMB/Samba remotely. I enable this function of file sharing on the Mac and create a new SMB/Samba connection in GoodPlayer (IP address, user name, password), but remotely it just doesn't connect. When I'm on my home network it can connect to both the added connection but also it automatically recognizes the Mac on the home network, so I can connect via two channels, so to speak, and browse my computer's files.

    2. But when connected on the home network in the scenarios described in 1., it doesn't stream anything. I've tried all sorts of video files. When browsing the files on my Mac via GoodPlayer I tap a file and select "Play this URL." It goes on as if to play the video, but it's just black. Where the duration of the file normally is displayed is just a --:--:-- and that's it.

    We're talking all sorts of files:
    .avi containers
    .mkv containers
    .mp4 containers
    .mov containers
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    Aug 25, 2010
    If possible, please answer us in this thread

    We just keep an eye on that thread always.

    Here are answers to the 2 questions:
    1 IMHO, SMB is not suitable for internet sharing, please try other sharing (HTTP, FTP,SFTP) for internet sharing

    2 all these 4 file containers are tested over SMB streaming here, and they are okay. We do no use Mac Pro, we just tested MacBook Air and Macbook Pro on both OS X 10.6 and 10.7 SMB server.
    Please check:if you are using the latest GoodPlayer 4.7 version? And sometimes rebooting both smb server and iphone/ipad will help.
    And is SMB download okay?


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