Google acquired sparrow - really crap!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by iMcLovin, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Is it just me that finds it extremely annoying that google bought sparrow?

    I'm a google user. I use most of their services and gmail is my main email account.
    But from the info provided by Sparrow and google it seems they wanted the people not the software. I like gmail, but everything google does is always full I bugs and ****** features... It always seems to me that they create 2 bad features or bugs for every one good feature.

    Now, I loved sparrow. I bought it for iPhone and Mac and I looked forward to the iPad version. Now I can just delete them all...

    Sparrow on Mac - google will not continue or make this into their software... Since google is all about web. So maybe they will bring some of the good ideas into their system.. But it will take ages and it will turn out half good instead of great. While what google should do is put their logo on it and keep improving it with the same team. And perhaps even make a windows version of it.

    Sparrow on iPhone - this is a simple one. They should instantly remove the official gmail app and replace it with sparrows and just add push. Googles app is just bad - I don't even understand why they made one in the first place when they can't make it better than the native mail app. And with the rate of updates it will stay crap for a long time.

    iPad sparrow - its just sad we never got to experience it.

    So in total, the takeover of sparrow was an evil and selfish move by google. And my prediction is that they just sucked out the people which now will just sit with the rest and create half useful features. While what they should have done is putting the same amount of money into the company and encourage them to continue the same path ... Just to make gmail the best experience there is... Maybe one day add the official google logo on their softwares if it made the investment taste better.

    Anyway just a bit pissed at google and blowing out some steam.

    Anyone agrees to my point of views?
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    Feb 16, 2012
    Nope disagree, sorry.

    What google does now is anyones guess, we can't tell so lets not assume the worst possible out come there.

    Also I have NEVER had a gmail bug, or a bug in any google product for that matter, however i have submitted 3 graphic related bug reports for sparrow, but I don't mind as sparrow is new small and cool!:)

    I would like google to stick their name on it and continue with sparrows current goals, as you do wish, so i do agree there.

    There is too much anti google on these forums these days.

    Sparrow FTW!:D

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