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    For a variety of reasons, I would like to sync my Mac Photos to Google Photos (please, I would prefer this thread not be a debate about that choice). Google’s current solution for that is called Backup & Sync and, as I’ve begun to use it, I’ve run into a number of questions which I’m finding it hard to get answers from Google.

    Per the Mac Photos app, I have about 48k photos/videos total on my Mac. When Backup & Sync runs, it shows ‘Syncing X of Y’. Y started at over 400k and after a few weeks of running it is now at 270K. Google Dashboard shows I have 70K photos (I haven’t uploaded to Google Photos from any other source). I deselected ‘Backup Apple Photos Library metadata’ and am only syncing photos, not files to Drive. Can anyone make sense of these numbers? Do I really need to wait months more (at this rate) for the rest of the 270K items to sync?

    The Backup & Sync status window sometimes shows items ‘Downloading’ (most items show as ‘Uploading’ or ‘Updating’) which makes me nervous that the High Quality (free unlimited) versions it’s uploading to Google Photos is now replacing the original quality photos on my Mac. Adding to this concern is that Time Machine seems to be doing incremental backups of 1GB fairly frequently without any other additional files being added. Anyone know whether Backup & Sync can replace the original quality photos on my Mac?

    Finally, Backup & Sync is not stable and a bandwidth hog. Any time I want to watch streaming TV, I need to pause it. I’ve used multiple other backup/sync services before (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Backaze) and I never noticed any impact on bandwidth. It also freezes every few hours and the only way to recover is to press/hold physics power button. Anyone have more success on either stability or bandwidth?

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