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    May 12, 2010
    At present I use google calendars and sync to both my mac and iPad/iPhone via exchange. I don't want to give up using google as I share calendars with other google calendar users. At present I end up with two versions of my google calendars on my iOS devices: one synced in near real time wirelessly via exchange and the other syncing to iCal when I plug in to the mac (but that only happens occasionally). Irritatingly the non-real-time versions have taken the colours from the mac (that I want to use) leaving dull browns for the iOS. When iCloud goes live, can I get iCloud to sync with google and then unify the look and feel of all my calendars via iCloud or will I be forced to continue with the current works but not quite right system I currently use?
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    I'm going to bet that you'll not be able to sync iCloud with a competing service. Apple has always been about a closed ecosystem and I don't think they'll be looking to open it up so other competing services can use iCloud.
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    Microsoft iCloud

    I believe that indeed iCloud will be proprietary to Apple.

    The irony is that it's actually "Microsoft iCloud" even though Apple or Microsoft will never admit it.

    The good news is just that. Microsoft is much better at cloud services than Apple ever was. The problems I used to experience with MobileMe will not occur with the superior Microsoft Cloud Service.

    It's also been substantiated that Amazon EC2 is a supporting partner with Apple in one happy family.

    It's Microsoft... oops I mean "Apple iCloud" brought to you by Microsoft Azure :)

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