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Feb 20, 2012
Denver, Colorado, USA
While the mobile OS/device religious/Apple/Google/Samsung wars are raging in the usual fashion over on the "Rumors" pages, I thought it would be interesting to drop a more quiet note on Google canning Snapseed Desktop , among a few other items during their usual spring cleaning. Not a user of the desktop version personally, but I find myself jittery on the future of their excellent plugins which I do use a lot. Time will tell obviously.


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Mar 26, 2008
There would be a major photographer revolt if they canned the desktop plugin tools. The Snapseed desktop version probably wasn't worth the effort to continue, though. I like the app version, but with Lightroom, Photoshop (even just elements) and existing plugins, Snapseed desktop isn't that necessary.


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Sep 23, 2006
the REAL Jersey Shore
longtime Nik user...

who knew nothing good would come out of the Google buyout.
First SnapSeed and then probably the same of the rest of the NIK tools.

Sometimes companies buy others to close them down.


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Aug 9, 2009
Portland, OR
I assumed that Google bought Nik just for the iOS version of Snapseed. My fear is them ditching the pro line.

I just bought a new iMac, and I didn't even bother installing the desktop Snapseed program. I do use Nik plugins for Aperture and Photoshop. Those are the ones that I do not want Google to fiddle with.



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Jul 11, 2008
If they can my Nik Software plug in's (that I use with Lightroom), I'm going to be pissed. :mad:

Dana Beck

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Jun 13, 2010
Tulsa, OK
My take for a rescue...fold into Adobe Creative Cloud

I share all your fears for the future of the NIK plug-in's. Don't flame me now (I'm from Oklahoma), but here's a copy of what I submitted to Adobe last week when I first read this news:

Know what would make me buy a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, as opposed to my regular upgrades of the Creative Suite? The addition--and Adobe's acquisition, of course--of the set of NIK Software plug-in's that Google currently owns, and will most assuredly dump in less than a year.

Having been a loyal NIK user for several years, I have read for months now all the comments and posts from NIK users, each of whom is nothing less than shell-shocked by the impending death of the popular NIK plug-ins. We're all just waiting for the other shoe to drop on the plug-in suite, as Google just dropped the desktop Snapseed software today. If they can't make desktop Snapseed work, what in the world are they doing to do with the much more complicated plug-in suite?

Having elbowed my way into the always-packed NIK demo booths at numerous Photoshop World events, I've come to the conclusion that Adobe could double its subscriptions to Creative Cloud by adding these plug-in's to its portfolio. Like the Creative Suite, the NIK plug-in's simply have no equal. So, if Adobe were to acquire the NIK Pro software suite, everybody could live together happily...and Adobe could also happily enrich its coffers with a more substantial continuing revenue stream by making the plug-ins available only to Creative Cloud subscribers. I know I would sign up in a New York minute.

Anyway, that's my goofball idea and suggestion. (Only problem is that I think google paid a billion--with a "B"--dollars for the acquisition, but, knowing fickle Google, I'm sure they will tire of their new "toy" soon. What…like they're gonna make the suite available to Picassa users, most of whom don't even use Photoshop? I don't think so. You could probably get it for a _lot_ cheaper.)

That's my wish for helping to keep NIK Software viable. NIK Software needs a stable financial home, with programmers available, and Adobe needs a "carrot" to entice its regular subscribers to move on over to Creative Cloud. Further, I plan on bending Russell Brown's, Brian Hughes's and anybody else's "Photoshop ears" I can get hold of at Photoshop World April 15-20 in Orlando. Ironically, the Photoshop EXPO booth/area is about ten feet away from the NIK booth. I hope that's not a coincidence ;)


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Oct 2, 2007
What a waste for me. I liked Snapseed a while back n bought the desktop version for some odd reason. Not sure why as I have other tools bought was in a buying mood. Don't think I've ever used it though.
Now wish I had just used it for mt. Lion instead.
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