Google Chrome Menu Bar Issues on Ubuntu (and more...)

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    Hey MacRumors Community!

    I decided that I wanted to be a bit more adventurous and installed Ubuntu on an old Dell laptop I have. Thus far it has been a pretty fun experience. I have been getting the hang of things. Lots of small issues I have had to deal with, but that's part of the experience.

    One issue that I can't seem to resolve despite looking for a solution on Google is that the menu bar for Chrome (the bar that has File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, etc.) is not showing up for some reason when I hover over the "Google Chrome" text on the top left. I took some screenshots to show what I am talking about. It works fine on Firefox and most other applications. I say most because I had the same issue with eclipse. To resolve the issue on eclipse I launch eclipse using the following command: UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= eclipse .

    Unfortunately if I run that command with "google-chrome" instead of "eclipse" , the menu bar issue remains.

    Does anyone know how I can approach this issue? Is Chrome on Ubuntu working for you or others without the menu bar issue?

    On another note:

    Why do you Ubuntu? (I wanted to explore what the OS had to offer and am liking it thus far)

    Is there an app like Better Touch Tool or Trackpad++ for Ubuntu?

    I have a Magic Trackpad that I use for my Mac, can you configure gestures using the Magic Trackpad on Ubuntu (something I'm gonna look into after I get Chrome working the way I want to).


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    Unfortunately, there isn't a solution for this, for two reasons. #1: Google Chrome does NOT integrate with the Unity global menu bar. #2: Google Chrome does not even HAVE a menu bar on Ubuntu anyway.
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    Thanks for your reply. I did some more research and found that other users are having the same issue with the menu bar and that it is indeed a bug. So Chrome does have a menu bar with File, Edit, Window, etc.

    What worked for me was installing Chromium. With Chromium there is no issue with the menu bar and it works fine.

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