Google docs to go! Well sort of...

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by laserfox, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Jan 21, 2008
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    Rainbownote works remarably well with googledocs, to download and edit on the go and upload back to google docs!

    Have anyone else tried this? It is really easy to use and looks great too, lots of color options and back ground wall papers to write notes on. Landscape keyboarding and back up/restore is included as well. It is 3.99. The feature I am hoping comes in the next update is the ability to put notes in folders to keep them organized.

    Here are some screen shots from my ipod touch!
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    Oct 28, 2007
    Sweet find! I love Google apps. I thought there was another way/app that could do this.... Well, there are apps that can make new documents and then you can then send them to your unique-GDs email address to put the doc back up on docs. There are also apps that can sync with your Google Notes.

    There is this app:

    But this can only view your Google Docs (especially when you are offline). There were supposed to be updates, but these haven't happened in over 3 months.

    This is a $3.99 app that says it can import/export Google Docs. Doesn't have pretty paper though:

    This does the same, but for spreadsheets. $3.99.

    This one can search for words within your notes too, as well as the above. I don't know if rainbow notes can do this:

    This is the one I was talking about above. It's very no frills, but it can download/upload Google Docs txt files. It cannot email notes or search within them. When it re-uploads the edited txt file, it will make a new Doc and will leave the old one alone:

    This is text-editor's older brother that is more expensive, but can handle more file types. Still no search or e-mail function:

    The winner: depends or none. Rainbow notes, memos, and iNote are good because you can e-mail the files (only txt files). But, Documents wins in the number of file types it supports, but no e-mailing files (which is a killer).

    This is a prime example why we need the ability for apps to "talk" to each other. If they could do this, then they could work together to achieve a much bigger goal. Instead, we are left wanting the Holy Grail of apps that can do it all. I really wish we had a central file repository where we could store our files. We could use Safari or another app to download it off of Google Docs and place it in a central folder. We could then use a different app to grab it out of there, edit it, then place it back into the original folder. Our email app could then pluck it back out and send it to someone, or back onto Google Docs. Instead, we get a collage of apps much akin to a group of deaf and blind (but very intelligent) people who are trying to build a house together.

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