Google Drive: I don't want to sync Google docs, but cannot turn it off

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    May 16, 2014
    I've used Google Drive since it came out, and always managed to turn off syncing of Google docs, i.e. I only want to sync things like .doc .pdf .jpeg etc.

    I installed Google Drive on a Mac today, and installed Google Drive. And all the Google-docs were synced. The strange thing is, on my other Macs, these Google docs are not synced.

    In the Google Drive Preferences, I do not see any option to stop syncing of Google docs.

    I see from this website that others have had the same issue:!topic/drive/zdpYu-HLvsA

    Any solutions?

    Running Mountain Lion latest.

    Update: I just checked the Preferences on my Desktop Mac. In its Google Drive Preferences, under "Advanced" the fourth item on the left hand side is "Sync Google Docs files". Hence on my desktop Mac, I have unchecked that option. But on my MacBook Pro, that same setting is not there. Why?

    From searching the net, I see that other people are experiencing the same issue, i.e. the checkbox, that could give this option, is not there.

    I went to my backups to try to install a Google Drive .dmg file that was dated January 2014, but it would not allow me to install it, saying that version of Google Drive was no longer supported.

    Is this a tactic by Google to force us to see Google Doc files?
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    Someone might open up the Google Drive Preferences plist, and see what that option sets when it's available. From there, it shouldn't be hard to come up w a Termianal command to set it even thought the prefs checkbox is missing on some machines.

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