Google Drive refuses to sync shared folders to desktop

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by RedTomato, Feb 17, 2014.

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    My work gave me a google drive account for sharing documents with the team. I have the Google Drive desktop folder active on my macbook (we use our personal machines).

    Thing is I can't get the shared folders to show up on my G Drive desktop folder :(

    1) Anything I have in "My Drive" (google's name for my space on the G Drive webpage) is synced to my desktop GDrive folder, and vice versa. No problem.

    2) But any folders or files in "My Drive" that I share with the team (or vice versa) are automatically moved to "Shared with me" and vanish from my desktop folder :(

    3) If I approach this the other way, and follow Google's advice, dragging shared items to 'My Drive' (on the webpage) causes them to vanish from the shared folders, so my team can't access them! Google claims this shouldn't happen...

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    Not sure if this helps but Google Drive desktop doesn't show folders that are shared with you (you may have noticed). It only shows your own stuff including folders you "own" and have shared with others.

    Moving files and folders can change ownership and that may be what's happening.

    You might considering purchasing "Insync" ( for $15 which works with your Google Drive but also syncs all folders that have been shared with you. That's what I've done.

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