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Apr 12, 2001

Google Drive no longer hijacks file opening duties in Apple's Files and iCloud Drive apps on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


The app was updated today with a fix for the issue. Microsoft Word documents and other file types can now be viewed directly in in Apple's Files and iCloud Drive apps on iOS 11 and iOS 10 respectively.

Since a previous update to Google Drive earlier this month, the app became the default opener for many file types due to an open-in-place issue.


When users with the Google Drive app installed attempted to open a DOCX file in Files or iCloud Drive, for example, the Google Drive app would automatically open and prompt the user to save the file in that app.

Google Drive version 4.2017.37510 is available on the App Store [Direct Link].

Article Link: Google Drive Updated to Play Friendly With Apple's Files App
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Jun 2, 2010
The glaring issue I’ve found with the Files app — does it not have any security of any kind or am I just not seeing how to enable it?

If I try to use third-party services like Dropbox or Google Drive via the Files app, it tells me I have to turn off the security mechanisms that I have in place (passcode, Touch ID, or both) in those apps in order for the files to be accessible via the Files app. I’m not seeing how the Files app is helpful at all in its current state. I will not trade an extra layer of security for being able to see all my cloud-stored files in one app (and Apple shouldn’t ask me to do that).


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Feb 12, 2008
New York, NY
Fun fact, when you switch to list view in the Files app, it’s easier than ever to delete a file off of Dropbox (just an accidental swipe!) And no, it doesn’t go to your recently deleted files section! You have to log into Dropbox from a browser and recover your deleted files from there.

I wonder if it’s the same case with Google Drive now that it’s integrated.


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Jun 22, 2010
I have Google Drive sync stuff in my Documents folder (it is not saved in the Google Drive Folder but shows up in Drive). How am I able to see this folder in the Drive app? It looks like I can only see the stuff thats actually in the Google Drive folder.


Apr 15, 2016
United States
I am curious, how does google drive integrate into Files if you use more then one google account in Drive? Does files give you a quick button somewhere to switch between the different accounts?


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Jul 17, 2002
I am curious, how does google drive integrate into Files if you use more then one google account in Drive? Does files give you a quick button somewhere to switch between the different accounts?

When you tap on Google Drive in Files, it gives you the choice among your accounts. Same with OneDrive, for that matter. I can't say for Dropbox or iCloud since I have only one account in each of those.
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Sep 28, 2017
Still getting this on my end. I’m not sure what the issue is now.

Same here. I ran the Google Drive update, even rebooted, and text files (.txt) are still attempting to upload into Google Drive rather than previewing directly in Files. PDFs, on the other hand, work as they should (and did prior to the update). I tried deleting Google Drive, and text files in Files previewed as they should, but after I reinstalled it, Google Drive went right back to its hijacking ways.

I don't particularly like using Google Drive, but there are certain things I need it for, so I can't just delete it indefinitely. On the other hand, although I really like the Files app, it has not yet become a major part of my workflow, so I will just avoid it until the problem gets resolved.
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