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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by heesey1010, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. heesey1010 macrumors member

    Jan 6, 2006
    Google just released a new product called "Latitudes" which essentially allows you to see where your friends are and what they are presently doing (think twitter with GPS?). T-Mobile's G1 already has it as a software update presently and Google managers have said that there is a iPhone/iPod touch version coming "very soon".

    question: does this mean new software update up Apple's sleeve only just a few days after their latest one?
  2. PoitNarf macrumors 65816


    May 28, 2007
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    I was just reading about this as well:

    I don't believe this would mean an imminent release of an iPhone update, "very soon" is very vague.

    This is some cool functionality that would be added to the Maps application, but I think it's all for naught if this doesn't have the option of running in the background.
  3. RiceRacerDX macrumors 6502

    Jan 31, 2009
    No...not on the maps app at least It needs to run in the background for it to work. They might incorporate it into their Google Mobile app tho. See below.

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