Google Maps - doea anyone else think it is quite innocent?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by omarjk, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. omarjk macrumors regular

    Jan 20, 2008
    London, UK
    As some of you on here may have read, the residents of Broughton, a village in the UK that is so painfully middle class it makes me want to scratch my eyes out, 'chased' the Google Maps (GM) street view car out of their town.

    Since GM reached here, it has sparked an outcry from people who I will term idiots.

    I obviously do not share their sentiments about their so-called privacy and security. If someone wants to rob you they can come along and watch your property with their own eyes. Perhaps these people should erect black boards outside their houses to prevent such onlookers. Or invest in research towards a hologram that gives the illusion that their house is invisible.

    It's just a snapshot, not a running camera.

    But, more than anything else, I find it awfully self-important to think that someone wants to come along and study the actions and lifestyle of a bunch of pricks in the first place!
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    I think you meant "Middle Ages". "TECHNOLOGY BAAAAD!!!"

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    I think one can request that their house not be shown on google maps. my buddy told me he did that for his just skips over his address if you search for him
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    Fair enough, omarjk - but I note that there isn't a link in your post so we can see your house/flat/castle on Google Maps. Any chance you could post the link so we can have a good gawp?
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    Given that they're a small village it would be quite strange to see somebody just standing there looking at a house. The same could be said for a random stranger taking pictures of our house. That kind of activity doesn't happen in my (rural) area and I'm guessing not in these folks area too.

    When our house was being built the company who did the windows asked if they could take a photo of the finished building as part of their portfolio, and to hang in their showroom. Even back in 1994 before Street View existed they had altered the final display photo enough to hide potential ways to sneak in (guttering, trellis').

    Would you like to fund this?

    Thanks for your terribly well educated insight :)
    I second the call to have a look at your house.
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    London, UK
    The post code is NW1 6NT on - take a look!

    Informing the media that their area is 'affluent' defeats the purpose of chasing Google out of their village, since now we all know, and smacks of nauseating snobbery.

    As for their black boarding, I refuse to pay for it; dipping in to their famous affluence, they can pay for it themselves!

    If the Street View venture was to pose such a security risk to people's homes our Ministry of Justice, incompetent though they can be, would have stepped in by now if not long before and put an end to it. It's not as if the topic is a political hot potato.
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    I think it an excellent way to go car shopping. :D

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