Google Maps vs Apple Maps comparison through the years.

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    I agree that was quite an interesting read. Thank you for sharing.
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    Apple will never match Google in terms of map data. Apple simply doesn't put the same amount of resources into their maps as Google. This is particularly evident when you look at Apple Maps outside the US.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    You also have to figure in years of head start that Google has had.
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    I'm a huge Apple fan and I try to use the default apps on all my iOS devices as much as possible but when it comes to maps (I drive mainly in western Canada) there's no question Google Maps is in a league of its own.

    It's not just a matter of accuracy, POIs, usability (love the one finger zoom) but the traffic information difference between the two is just day and night.

    And I don't expect that to change in the future. There's just that many more devices out there feeding user data into Google maps that Apple Maps just cannot compete.

    My only wish is that Apple would one day allow us to set google maps as the default mapping app, for things like CarPlay and address hyperlinks throughout the OS. But I feel like that's not going to happen which is making me strongly consider android for the first time.
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    Do it! I switched to Android last year and haven't looked back.
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    I think apple will allow this in IOS11. They already made the first step in allowing stock apps to be deleted.
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    I hope so but I doubt it. Relinquishing control just isn't in Apple's DNA.
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    It would be amazing if they do it but I'm skeptical.
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    Same here. Have been pleasantly surprised. At the end of the day, iOS and Android are nearly the same. Much like Mac and Windows -- they both do the same things in roughly the same manner. Switching isn't really a big deal at all. Look at it like a fresh coat of paint.

    But it's all the small things that add up that is making me enjoy Android immensely. Google integration, notification management, integration between apps, Google Assistant, the ever-present Google search bar on my home screen (huge for me), and overall the more open operating system (that can be a problem if you aren't careful). That said, I'm running stock Android 7.1.1 so YMMV.
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    OP -- Insanely cool article. Thank you so much for the share.
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    I don't have to switch to Android I can just run Google Maps on my iPhone.

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