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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by ViPhone, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Um, I'm not seeing anything related to Google Now on that link you posted. But I do have a little experience with it on my Nexus 7. Right now, I don't see it very useful as an everyday "assistant" like Google is trying to make it out to be. Yes, it's very creepy sometimes. I could do a search on Google Chrome on my Macbook for a pizza place, and check my N7 a few hours later and Google Now has a map displayed showing me the route to the pizza place. Which was something I never really asked for.

    I know Google is trying to advance the service, which would be nice. They said they want Google Now to be able to pull your plane ticket out of the confirmation email the airline sent you and have it displayed on your phone ready to go when you get to the airport, without any input needed from the user. They want it to pull UPS tracking numbers out of your email and automatically track your packages. Its a great concept, slightly creepy and intrusive, but it has a little ways to go before it gets there.
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    These features have already been added. It'll display boarding passes for I think United flights (others forthcoming) and will provide updates on certain package shipments.

    Right not, it is much more useful to me in its current form on the Phone vs on a Tablet.
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    If I go into a new place it'll pull up up places of interest, also when I go somewhere it'll pull up diving directions home, and the local weather.

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    I had this surprise this morning!


    Having traffic updated in the background whenever I'm travelling home is handy and I've used Google Now to alert me to doctors appointments before now. Saved me one time by telling me to leave 10 mins earlier than I normally would have due to traffic.
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    Google Now is pretty amazing. The traffic alerts are awesome. The day I updated to 4.1 it has been pulling in a lot of my tracking information. (I ship and receive a lot of packages through my home business) Also the local recommendation thing is pretty nifty to. Worked well in Vegas.

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