'Google Places' With Hotpot Reviews Debuts for iOS

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    Google today announced the launch of a new Google Places application for iOS devices, offering users the ability to search for nearby places and incorporating the users' own ratings in the results algorithm.
    The new Google Places app also integrates the company's "Hotpot" social ratings and reviews functionality, allowing users to easily rate restaurants and other places right from the iPhone app while they are at the locations. These ratings and recommendations over time are used to inform Google's own recommendations for users.
    Google Places is currently English-only, but new localizations and features are coming "soon".

    Article Link: 'Google Places' With Hotpot Reviews Debuts for iOS
  2. infowarfare macrumors 6502

    Here's my issue with these Google apps... I have the Google Mobile app for the iPhone. Great app for voice search and using Google Goggles. There is also an "app" tab you can click on that shows a list of other things you can supposedly use from within this app; Google Books, Gmail, Maps, Earth, Talk, Voice, etc., etc., but clicking on any one of those, not only doesn't launch these services within the Google Mobile app, it doesn't even launch the separate, individual app(s) I already have installed (I now think I have 6 official Google apps installed on my iPhone) instead, it launches the Safari browser to use each service, including Maps and Earth! Why?

    Why is Google launching all of these separate apps instead of integrating them all into the main Google Mobile app which has links to most of these services anyway? Just doesn't make sense. It would make more sense if they charged for each app and then we could accuse them of being greedy and just trying to milk us for money, but they're not even doing that! It's just clutter on our iPhones when it could all be streamlined into the one Mobile app they already have set up for this! :rolleyes:

    /end rant
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    Unimpressed. While the app is more usable than their website, it has some major limitations and issues.
    • Cannot change the nearby location. You can specify the city name (or postal code) in the search box to get around it, but the location won't stick. So you have to enter the location name for every search.
    • Very limited detailed info. Other than address and reviews, there's nothing. No photo gallery, no description, no hours of operation, and so on.
    • Slow. It's considerably slower than Yelp.
    • Battery killer. The location service is enabled full-time (instead of just during search).
    • Just about every link in places detail page opens a different app. Click "see on map" or "direction to here", it opens Maps application. Click "more info", it opens Safari.
    • Ugly. Google must have lots of talented UI engineers. Put them into good use. Most of Google's iPhone apps are just hideous.
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    what does this offer us over the hundreds of similar apps like yelp, where, nearby places etc, many which offer augmented reality views?
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    Nov 30, 2010
  6. nxfxcom macrumors regular

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    it offers the fact that google collects all this data, knows where you are, where you are going, this way it can show you much more useful ads ;)
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    Is it new? I've had it installed for at least a few weeks, and have been seeing ads for it all over.

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