Google Reader optimised for iPhone

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    This looks sick:


    Google Reader iPhone Skin uses the Greasemonkey concept of modifying the look and feel of a web application through dynamically loaded JavaScript. By deconstructing the DOM and obfuscated .js file, I modified the page elements while preserving Reader's basic functionlity. For the iPhone, I'm hoping that JavaScript bookmarks will work as they do on the desktop browser.
    Requires Safari 3 for Mac or Windows

    Google Reader features preserved:
    # Starring
    # Viewing Subscriptions
    # Viewing Folders
    # Next/Previous Item
    # Manual Refresh Button
    # Automatic "Infinite" Scrolling
    # Plus: After a period of inactivity, it will disable Reader's automatic refresh feature to help preserve your battery. You will be prompted to resume activity when you return.
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    Nov 8, 2006
    Wow, he's considering iPhonifying Basecamp. We use that for work, so it would be pretty awesome :p

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