Google set to offer property dimension to UK mapping


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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
Google is set to launch a property dimension to its UK mapping system.

The new service will allow both estate agents and private sellers to put their property as an overlay on Google Maps.

The plans were outlined at a conference called Estate Agency Events last week, although Google has declined to give official confirmation.

Shares in the property portal Rightmove fell more than 10% as news emerged, the sharpest faller in the FTSE 350 index of companies for the day.

The new service is expected to launch next year and would be similar to a service Google launched in Australia.

I really hope this takes off. Sounds like (which is now useless), but hopefully done better and with a lot more weight behind it. Ononemap was great. Location is so important to people searching for a place to live. To be able to just look at an area on a map, and see what is for sale and where is utterly brilliant. Far better than browsing regular listings (like rightmove).

Sure the estate agents won't be too happy (you will be able to list your house yourself privately)...equally sure the rest of us won't be shedding too many tears for them.

Aussie version. Hopefully ours is every bit as good.


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Mar 17, 2005
London, England
Just for the estate agents:


Ononemap was fantastic so I imagine this, like most google things, will be easy and useful... eerily so.


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Sep 5, 2005
Bath, United Kingdom
When we moved a couple years ago the then still "primitive" Google Maps helped us a lot.
Some agents really push their luck with their descriptions… and you do not want to drive all the way to that "fabulous, centrally located, yet quiet, bijoux pied-a-terre with a wopping price tag" only to find out that you have Clapham Junction-lite in your back garden.
Just fire up Google Maps and tell them to stop wasting your time. :p

I do wonder however when Google's going to be launching "Room View™" or "Passage View™"…
Little robots that crawl into flats/houses on the market.


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