Google Voice limitations and future prospects?

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    I've been using Google Voice for about a year and a half, and ever since I got the iPhone 4 on launch day I've loved it—I can text and call when I'm on my computer even if I don't have cell service (in parts of the library basement, for example), and if my phone dies and is charging I can make calls from my wifi-connected iPad. Long story short, I have no plans to stop using Google Voice and I'm glad Apple approved the fantastic Google Voice app at the end of last year.

    I was just wondering what news and speculation people have about the future of Google Voice on an iPhone. Currently, if I want to MMS or FaceTime someone I have to give them my AT&T number in addition to my Google Voice number, completely destroying Google's concept of "one number for everything." With the iOS 5 developer beta released yesterday it looks like even iPhone users will be able to use their email address for FaceTime calls, which is a great move. Google Voice unfortunately doesn't support MMS (at least not now), but iMessages looks like it has all the benefits of SMS/MMS plus some extra niceties (like an indication of when your contact is typing, received and read receipts). I'm guessing it works the same way FaceTime works, registering the user's cell phone number on an approved carrier on Apple's servers so that two iOS 5 users can text via iMessages as opposed to regular SMS/MMS. Since Google Voice would presumably not be a part of that process, would I have to continue to give out my AT&T number to close friends in addition to my Google Voice number? Will users be able to use their email address for iMessages? If so, that would be a decent workaround that lets me use Google Voice on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5 without needing to give anyone my underlying AT&T number. It's less than ideal to also give them my Apple ID email address for FaceTime and iMessages, but it's better than the current setup in iOS 4.

    Any factual news, speculation, or opinion is appreciated. Thanks!
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    You should not expect Google Voice and iMessages to be linked in any way.

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