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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by LaynieGorilla, May 5, 2015.

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    I have been trying to set up GV voicemail today on my ATT iPhone 6 plus. I understand that there is an issue with iOS and the code that Google provided for the conditional call forwarding so I started by called AT&T to try having update my IMEI number. They did that , I rebooted my phone and was still unable to set up the voicemail.

    AT&T also set up so that now my GV voice message is both on my ATT# & GV #'s message. All of my GV voicemails go to my ATT visual voicemail.

    I am trying to find out if I can get my GV voicemail on the GV app ONLY and have my standard ATT visual voicemail for my ATT #. Two different voicemails for two different numbers.

    Is this possible?

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    That's the way I had mine set up until January. As I recall it was a matter of setting up the number of rings at ATT before its voicemail kicked in. Google Voice calls would go to GV voicemail since the number of rings was lower.

    I dropped ATT for StraightTalk and lost visual voicemail, so now I have GV handling voicemail for everything.
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    Thank you. But I have two more issues:

    One voicemail actually did goto my GV app, none before it and none after. I wonder why that one particular call did when others didn't.

    Even when I decline the call instead of sending it to voice mail, the GV mail app doesn't pick it up so I am unsure if changing the rings would do anything. Some how the GV voicemail got intertwined into my GV app.

    I gave the app rep my GV number.. I'm thinking maybe because she put in the direct number everything picks go to google voice voicemail no matter what?

    Does anyone know how I am to properly set up my voicemail from scratch? Has anyone else had success with keeping the voicemails separate?

    ----- UPDATE I did some more research, enabled call screening as suggested and now all my calls go to their respective voicemails.

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